Get iplayer release notes

Once a show is downloaded a nice thumbnail is created and the show put into your iTunes library. Version 1. See the Updated UI at the bottom at this post.

Adding a show happens in one of a couple of ways. As you can see the download queue does like it says just add what you want from various sources no support for 5 on demand yet and hit that lovely start button. Removing filters for types of streams I thought would of been a neat work around but alas not. You still search and attempt to download but get an error message if your filters were changed and nothing matches it in your search criteria.

Another nice touch is the way iPlayer Automator will add shows with tags and appropriate tags to your iTunes library once the ripping is done. Having a file thats ready for all devices is beyond handy.


Missed Top Gear, download and have it on your iOS device without an expiration date in a few clicks. The main one for me was knowing the quality of the download. A filter list to show let me choose between SD or HD would have pushed the review score upwards. Alas in the newest version of Get iPlayer Automator the ability to download from 4OD has been removed. All other features still work nicely with no issues to report what so ever.

Get iPlayer Automator 1. Release Notes are available here Get iPlayer Automator 1. NOTE: Programs older than 7 days will not appear in search. Get iPlayer Automator has received a bit of a visual overhaul along with now being able to see the program synopsis along with the available download types including file sizes. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Release notes are available for viewing here. I do request that all users at least glance at the release notes when they are displayed in the update window. Not all of it will be relevant or necessarily make sense to all users.

However, I often include tips and solutions for common problems as they come up. I regret to say that the last two versions of your previously wonderful app — 1. I have therefore had to delete the app and do without it. Love this thing. Any reason why? What am I doing wrong! Unfortunately ITV has some sort of weird encoding on their shows that precludes them from playing in the Core Video framework that iOS devices and iTunes bit use.

Before I found it I used to convert asf filesthat i was managed to get from http headers and stuff and i had to wait for 3 hours to convert it! This is a brilliant program — I use it regularly. Thanks for any help. Any plan for Channel 5? The version avaliable to download via the main downloage page is 1. Please check your query. Please advise if another release will follow to rectify this problem? Also is there a link anywhere to download the previous version until this problem has been solved?

Love the older version though. So easy. Do you have any future plans to have this fantastic app available to download on Ipad? Will keep tinkering. Looks great. Does this app work with any 4oD shows?

get iplayer release notes

Absolutely great! The app works like a charm when accessing iPlayer content.

Liam Tamne performs 'This Woman's Work' by Kate Bush - The Voice UK - BBC

Even better than the iPlayer itself…. Love the program, but I often get hung up during the conversion phase. It would be much easier if it downloaded all the programmes first, and then did the conversion after after the downloads started. That way, in case of a problem with conversion, I can always use another media encoder to do the conversion — I have Adobe Media Encoder which will gobble up a flv and spit out a mp4 file easily.Record a radio programme using the PID b07gcv34 from its iPlayer URL in highest quality kwith fallback to lower quality if not available:.

NOTE: Sometimes you may not be able to download a listed programme immediately after broadcast usually available within 24hrs of airing. Some BBC programmes may not be available from iPlayer. Toggle navigation RecordNotFound. Are you happy with your logging solution?

Would you help us out by taking a second survey? Click here. Leave a review! Trendy new open source projects in your inbox! View examples. Score Explanation. Commits Score? Show More. Added advanced option to allow filenames to be limited in length Fix typos and inconsistencies.

Perl Roff Makefile. Commit Score: This score is calculated by counting number of weeks with non-zero commits in the last 1 year period. No spam, ever!

get iplayer release notes

We will send you weekly update emails. Close Submit. For the benefit of fellow developers, don't leave out any detail! Is the project reliable? Is the documentation helpful? Would you recommend this project? View on github.Users of macOS Users of Windows and older macOS releases, which have the old unitary iTunes app, can continue to use those options.

Windows 7 and 8 are no longer formally supported. It also means that any Windows-related bug reports will only be evaluated on the latest version of Windows 10, since the developers will no longer have access to Windows 7 or 8.

Fixed a bug in v3. Skip to content. Removed --hls-lq-audio option. It will now generate an error if used. Added --mpeg-ts option. Support Notes Users of macOS The --hls-lq-audio option is now ignored and will be removed in the next release.

DASH streams are still available for those bit rates. If you use default settings for download quality which should be the case for most usersyou do not need to change anything.

The best quality available will still be downloaded by default. If you don't use default settings, you may need to adjust your recording modes for radio programmes. The hafhigh and hafmed modes will still be accepted, but they likely will have no effect. Recording modes for TV programmes should not need changes.

Support Notes Windows 7 and 8 are no longer formally supported. Your cache will not update without this fix. If you find that some programmes are still missing from your cache, use --cache-rebuild to perform a full rebuild. The --pid-recursive-type option is now applied when only downloading auxiliary resources e. Fixed programme title extraction with --pid-recursive to prevent unwanted extra text being appended to title in episode listing e.

Accesses release feeds from GitHub repositories. It only prints a message notifying you that a new release is available. Added --cuesheet and --cuesheet-only options to download track information in the form of a cue sheet. Applies to radio programmes only. Only useful with radio programmes that publish track lists on BBC site. You cannot assume cue sheets to be accurate since track data is often wrong.

You must correct cue sheets as needed if you use them to play back or edit downloaded programmes. You must set track end times manually if you use cue sheets to edit downloaded programmes. If you use --subs-embedyou no longer need to use --subs-mono.This release removes a number of deprecated features.

As it's likely the release notes will go unseen, here's a quick rundown of what has been removed I don't want it to sound to depressing right off the bat, so there is new stuff too so go and check it out:. With the removal of deprecated features, the following options have been removed. An error will be generated if you attempt to use these on the command line. A warning will be printed if any of these are found in saved preferences.

Really, some stuff you've been using just might stop working maybe because certain things have been removed. So here they are:. As ever, if you are running into difficulties and can't work out how to get something working, you are welcome over in the forums.

Just remember to read up on How to Submit a Support Request. Site built with Hugo. Theme customised from NoFancy. As it's likely the release notes will go unseen, here's a quick rundown of what has been removed :- But first - there is new stuff too!

Programme clips are no longer included in recursive downloading. File name sanitisation options replaced by uniform naming scheme All file names are now ASCII-only, with most punctuation removed. All dates in episode titles are now converted to YYYY-MM-DD format for use in file names Options removed With the removal of deprecated features, the following options have been removed.

Attribution of Licensed Works.We list system requirements on our install page. Linux is not supported. We've got more information about this in our Why can't I download on Linux? If it isn't accessible, you can try the following options:.

If you have accidentally deleted or relocated the programme file, you will need to remove the programme from your My Downloads list and download it again. If you had BBC iPlayer Downloads installed on your computer prior to Februaryyou might still have the older version, known as version 1.

Version 1 has now been closed, so make sure this has been completely removed from your computer. You'll need to download any programmes again as they'll be deleted when you uninstall. For help uninstalling the application and its associated files completely, check the relevant page for your computer:. If you have a problem that's not listed or you can't resolve it using the guidance provided on this help site, then contact us.

Please provide as much information as possible including:. Breadcrumb iPlayer help home Computer issues Troubleshooting problems with downloads on a computer or laptop. Troubleshooting problems with downloads on a computer or laptop. Having trouble playing your downloaded programmes? Have a look at the following page for advice: Why won't my downloaded programmes play on my computer or laptop?

Still need help? Please provide as much information as possible including: The version of BBC iPlayer Downloads installed on your computer you can find this by going to Settings in the application The operating system and version of your computer for example, Windows 10 or Mac OS Type of network e. Need more help? Contact us. Browse our help categories Getting Started.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. It can also download subtitles and signed or audio described programmes where available.

You can watch downloaded programmes when you choose and on devices that cannot run Adobe Flash Player.

get_iplayer Guides and Tutorials

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get iplayer release notes

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How do I update BBC iPlayer Downloads?

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